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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

not to be outdone

Well, Natalie has certainly showed me up with her blogging ability. However, I will not be outdone. While I did not have the exciting weekend that she did (farrrrrrrrrrr from it, as my major companions were textbooks. That's right, folks, I spent my holiday weekend studying. Blah.) I can still update on the happenings in my life. As I mentioned, the weekend was rather boring. I saw a few movies, and here are my opinions:
1. Mystic River. While this movie was up for many Oscars and I have heard a lot of great things about it, I struggle with the violence and the pointless sadness. The actors were great, but what did I get out of it? A few lessons - don't be a pedophile, don't murder people, don't go to jail, don't play with guns...were these really things I didn't already know? Not so much.
2. Napoleon Dynamite. Now THIS is a quality film. While many people would not agree, I am pretty sure this is the funniest movie I have seen all year. It is, without a doubt, an odd brand of humor, but I possess an odd sense of humor so it worked out. I literally did not stop laughing for the entire first 45 minutes of the movie, and when I did stop laughing, it was for about 5 seconds then started up again. Another notable thing about this movie is the fact that the main character looks EXACTLY like my older brother. Check this out:
And some of his mannerisms are similar, too. What excitement! Can't wait to see this one again. (Natalie, I reiterate - you MUSTTTTTTT see this movie. MUST.)

Natalie and I spoke on the phone today (practically unheard of, we generally go fo the ignore tactic) but as always, it was good to hear her voice. Hurricane Frances is currently blowing her way through Chapel Hill which makes pedestrian travel interesting (which is my major mode of transportation).

I am at work now, and will be here for another hour and a half. I think I will go start some reading or something else productive...or maybe not.


At 11:48 PM, Blogger Jack Moberg said...

I'm still a faithfull reader.
If of infrequent material.

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me too. Nice one!

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Beside: "Tricky Picture :-)"

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